Squirrel Removal & Control in Cary

For most of us living in a residential neighborhood, squirrels are usually classified as a pest. If they would stay outside we would all enjoy them, but squirrels tend to intrude into our houses:
  • Squirrels get into the attic
  • Squirrels nest in the chimney
  • Squirrels dig, burrow, or chew on woodwork to gain entrance
  • Squirrels eat bird seed and disrupt the bird environment
When a squirrel is messing up our bird watching that is not so bad, but when they get into our attic, nest in the chimney, and scatter the insulation in the attic, it is time to have these pests trapped and removed (Animals Be Gone strives to remove ALL squirrels in a human fashion).

Squirrels in the Attic
Squirrel Removal and Control Cary NC This is a far more common problem in the Cary area than most people think. If you think you have squirrels in your attic, you NEED to call Animals Be Gone NOW. The time to remove squirrels is while the babies are very young. By the time the squirrels are six weeks old they are running around and difficult to catch. After ridding your attic of squirrels you must squirrel-proof your home.

Squirrels give birth twice per year - in the late summer, and again in the winter. The litter is typically 3-4 babies and these young squirrels grow quickly and are weaned in about ten weeks.

Squirrels in your attic quickly become a safety concern. They chew on the wood frames, on the wiring, ductwork, and pipes inside your attic. When squirrels chew on electrical wires it creates a real fire hazard. Squirrels also bring in nesting material and leave urine and feces in your attic. They are also noisy, running around above the ceiling and scratching.

Squirrels on your property or in your attic need to be trapped and removed. Animals Be Gone will find the squirrel entry point into the attic and then all open holes and vulnerable areas need to be sealed shut with a material that squirrels cannot chew through, such as steel sheeting or mesh.

There is no registered or effective squirrel repellent available. Some people have tried using noise (like a radio) or strobe lights, but these are not effective. Poison is not a good idea. A dead squirrel stuck in your attic, or buried in the insulation will not only stink, but can be VERY difficult to locate. There is no quick and easy to get rid of squirrels in your attic - removal and then control of the area is the best solution. Let a professional take care of the problem - Animals Be Gone can trap and remove the squirrels properly.

Squirrel Removal and Control Cary NC
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