Black Bird Removal & Control in Hillsborough NC

Black Birds, Starling, Removal from Attic Hillsborough NC

Starlings - Black Birds - Sparrows in Hillsborough NC
Starlings are very common in North Carolina, especially in the Triangle area. Some people will call this bird a "black bird," but it is oftentimes a Starling. Starlings are small birds and do look black while in flight, but they are actually not black.

Starlings or "black birds" will oftentimes choose to nest in buildings, like your barn or garage. They are also known to fly down into the exhaust vent on your roof that leads to a bathroom exhaust fan. This can cause real problems.

Typically if a small black bird or starling gets down an exhaust vent like this it will lay eggs, hatch babies and the babies will die. You will hear scratching sounds in the vent while the adult bird is building a nest - you should act immediately! Once the eggs are laid the future is a bad smell. Even if the bird decides not to lay eggs, the nesting material will clog your vents and also poses a fire hazard.

Starlings or Black Birds in Your Barn or Garage Hillsborough NC
These Starlings or "black birds" are not as dirty as pigeons, but the feces buildup can lead to structural damage, bacteria and parasites. Any bird carries unwanted lice. You just need to get rid of wild birds (Starlings, black birds or any other species) when they are staying in your living space. Any bird will damage your property if left alone.

How to Get Rid of a Flock of Starlings or "Black Birds"
These common birds can also flock in large numbers, hang out in a choice tree, make annoying noise and defecate everywhere. This is not an easy problem to deal with - after several days you might need some help to force these birds to move along - they need to be in a different tree deeper in the woods and further away from humans!