Our Services

Animals Be Gone, LLC is a full service wildlife damage control company for the removal of problem wildlife. We offer the following services:

  • Bat Removal & Cleanup
  • Humane WildlifeTrapping: Safely remove nuisance wildlife animals such as squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, and more.
  • Animal Exclusion: Deny animals access to attics, crawl spaces, commercial businesses or anywhere problem wildlife are present.
  • Dead Animal Removal: Remove animal carcasses from structures, vehicles, and property.
  • Odor Control: We'll take care of odors from urine/fecal deposits, bodily secretions (i.e. skunk spray), and animal decomposition smells.
  • Wildlife Damage Repair: We offer repair services for any structural damage to residences, outbuildings or landscape caused by wildlife.
  • Animal Rescue:¬†We offer safe and humane¬†rescue services for animals in distress (cats in trees or other companion predicaments).
  • Custom-made Chimney Caps: Our chimney-caps are used to deny access to chimney openings and flue pipes.
  • Canadian Geese Management.
  • Whitetail Deer Consultation.

Our Methods

  • Respond to calls from residents, land owners and businesses with problem wildlife situations.
  • Identify the problem and wildlife involved.
  • Diagnose and recommend a solution that will be humane to wildlife and human sensitivities -- all efforts will be made to remove animals in a safe manner to ensure safety for the animals and all persons involved.
  • Exhaust all possible methods to capture, remove and release at a determined location with little or no harm to the animal.

Animals Be Gone came to my rescue. My husband was gone and we had a bat IN THE HOUSE! I called Animals Be Gone and they came out to the house and took care of our situation. They were wonderful - they safely removed the bat without damage to the house!
- Melissa Johnson, Raleigh