About Animals Be Gone

Animals Be Gone, LLC is owned and operated by Tim Walker. Animals Be Gone has over 50 years experience with animals and wildlife through outdoor pursuits, farming and livestock operations.

We are certified by the state of North Carolina for Wildlife Damage Control. We understand and respect wildlife and strive to resolve all situations with safe and humane practices. Tim is a member of the National Forestry Association and the North Carolina Wildlife Control Agents Association.

For two months I waged an ongoing battle with squirrels in our attic. Within one week after Animals Be Gone arrived, we were squirrel free. What impressed us the most was their sensitivity regarding our children's fears that the squirrels would be hurt during removal. Not only did they assure our children that no harm would come to the squirrels, they went over step by step how they would remove those persistent animals from our attic. It was a win-win situation! We would highly recommend Animals Be Gone to anyone who needs assistance with any wildlife problems.
- Eric J, Cary