Frequently Asked Questions from Animals Be Gone

1. Why do I have a wildlife problem in my house?

Wildlife problems in your home are almost always a result of a structural vulnerability, where the animals can enter your home. When you have ways that wildlife can enter your crawl space or attic system you will have some type of animal problem at sometime or another.

2. How will you get rid of my bats in the attic?

A complete inspection must be done of your attic system and home exterior to determine how bats may be entering your home. Once these problems are identified, we will seal the voids and then the bats are removed from the attic unharmed.

3. Why do I have noises in my attic sometimes and it goes away only to come back months later?

Some wildlife problems are seasonal. Raccoons are a great example. Female raccoons will make a big push to enter homes in early Spring to have babies, then leave when young are old enough only to return in late Fall or Winter when weather turns cold.

4. Is wildlife feces in my attic harmful?

When bats, rodents and raccoons live in your attic space over a period of time droppings will build up. Accumulations of droppings can be harmful to people that have respiratory problems, older people, children and people with other health problems.

5. Can you come and pick up these dogs running loose in my neighborhood?

No, we are a problem wildlife removal company. Look in the white pages of your local phone book under county services.

6. What is your service area?

We service Wake, Durham, Orange, Alamance and Person counties.

7. Why do I have chipmunks, mice, rats and snakes under my house?

Generally, it's because they have ways to get in your crawl space and in many instances, because you have
bird feeders in your yard. Wildlife will live as close as they can to a food source which a lot of times is under your home. Snakes come in search of wildlife that eat bird seed.

8. Why is problem wildlife work so expensive?

Problem wildlife work isn't expensive when you consider what has to be done to solve your problems and the damage that wildlife causes when living in your attic or under your house. Early detection and removal of problem wildlife could help prevent thousands of dollars in repairs to replace duct work and insulation under your home, insulation in your attic, chewed wires and pvc pipes.

9. How did you get into this business?

We have a great love for wildlife and the outdoors. Over a lifetime of living and working on the
family farm and in the building business we became aware of the need for wildlife damage
control. We enjoy working with people in effort to solve their wildlife problems.

1O. Why can't Animals Be Gone get rid of the bats in my attic in May, June and July?

Bats are a protected species. In the summer months they have their young in places like your attic. If adult bats are removed from your attic and your house is bat proofed, then all of the young bats will die in your attic. This results in cutting down the bat population and could also leave you with the dead baby bats.

From the beginning, Animals Be Gone impressed me with their friendly and professional services, an asset which not only inspired confidence but generated results in a timely manner. We had an event scheduled and needed their services for wildlife removal in a very tight time frame. Not only did they provide us with a job well done in removing our unwanted raccoons, their prices were so reasonable that we recommended them to our homeowners association.
- Y. Barker, Raleigh